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The appearance and health of your teeth depend on just on your dental hygiene, but on the foods you eat. But did you know that, just as sugary and acidic foods can trigger tooth decay and gum disease, other foods can actually improve your dental health? Our team offers some of the foods you can add to your diet to help your smile stay in good shape.

No doubt you’ve heard that sugary treats or really tough or hard food puts your smile at risk, but certain foods that are hard and sweet will help your smile as long as you use caution when eating them. For example, apples and pears have a lot of natural sugar, but their crunchy texture and high water content can wash away plaque and acids buildup on your teeth.

We also encourage you to consume foods that contain calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that strengthen your tooth enamel. These are present in chicken, cheese and milk, and many types of nuts.

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