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Treating bad breath often comes with first understanding how bad breath is emanating from your body. It could be the sign of an infection within your mouth, a deep underlying issue or problem within your body, or even your hygiene and foods that you’re eating. In order to treat your bad breath, you must first determine what is causing it.

Did you know that bad breath can be caused by medications you’re taking? It’s true, as it is a known side effect of several medications. It can even be caused by poor oral hygiene habits if you’re not brushing or flossing your teeth on a daily basis. If your mouth is left unclean after eating, odor-causing foods can easily produce bad breath.

If you’re already doing so, it is a good idea to set up an oral health care checklist to determine the causes of your bad breath. If you have an underlying condition such as an infection in the form of a toothache or gum disease, bad breath may result. Furthermore, bad breath can easily be caused by smoking or chewing tobacco.

It may be possible for your bad breath to be caused by an underlying ailment in the body. It’s going to arise due to liver and kidney malfunctions, or issues and problems associated with respiratory tract infections. If your bad breath arises due to conditions outside of your mouth, additional health care procedures will be needed to help treat the illness.

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