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As you may know, it’s important for you to maintain routine, professional dental cleanings as they help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which could lead to a number of issues. But not all cleanings are the same. 

There are different types of dental cleaning that can be used to manage your situation. For instance, a normal cleaning is referred to as a preventative cleaning. Typically, this cleaning is used to thoroughly clean your teeth and your gums. Similarly, if you have gum disease in its early stages, our team will use specially designed instruments to remove plaque and tartar from your mouth. Finally, we may recommend a deep cleaning for more advanced cases of gum disease to help reverse the condition.

Still, there are other benefits to having your smile cleaned. For instance, did you know that regularly visiting your dentist for a cleaning could actually save you money? One important aspect of a dental cleaning is examining your mouth, and if our team sees signs of trouble, we can treat the issue before it becomes serious, preventing more invasive, costly treatment down the road.

If it is time for your next professional dental cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact Complete Dental Care at 412-567-0927. Dr. Robert Doyle and our team will examine your oral health and give you the quality treatment you need to maintain your healthy, confident smile!