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Dr. Robert Doyle and our dental team strongly encourage brushing your teeth twice a day—every morning and every night—but do you ever wonder why? If so, we are more than happy to help you! Brushing can do wonders for your teeth and gums.

First, brushing can eliminate the plaque on your smile. Plaque is a dangerous film that can create cavities and gum disease. If you use a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day, it can be removed from your teeth and your smile can maintain its health.

Second, brushing can give you the fresh breath you need. The food you eat can get stuck between your teeth and produce different odors, resulting in bad breath. If you brush regularly, those food particles will be washed away and you can have a more pristine breath. You can also improve your breath by brushing your tongue after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Third, brushing can remove your smile stains, especially if you use whitening toothpaste. Scrubbing your teeth regularly can eliminate the simple stains before they seep into your teeth and cause severe discoloration.

For more information and details about the benefits of brushing in Whitaker, Pennsylvania, please call Complete Dental Care at 412-567-0927. Our dental team is more than happy to talk with you and help you better understand why brushing is so important for your smile. We look forward to your phone call!