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Do your gums ever seem longer than they have been in the past? Would you be surprised to hear that gum recession might be more common than you would expect because gum recession is actually a symptom of gum disease? Furthermore, gum disease is much more common than you might realize, which means you could be more vulnerable to gum recession than you would expect. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to address receding gums.

If your gums are receding, it might look like your teeth are getting longer. Unfortunately, it could take you some time to notice this problem because your gums could recede slowly. You can also notice receding gums if you see red or swollen gums or brown spots on your gums. Similarly, if your gums are receding, your teeth might be sensitive.

Fortunately, gum disease is easier to treat if it’s identified early. This is one reason we recommend scheduling regular appointments with us. During this checkup, we’ll be able to inspect your teeth and help you cope with your issue. Brushing and flossing can also help you deal with teeth grinding. Using a mouth guard can also help you cope with teeth grinding because grinding your teeth could cause gum recession.  

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