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If you aren’t doing so already, it is a good idea to begin implementing routine examinations for your oral health. This includes inspecting your teeth and gums every morning when you wake up. Because some diseases can regress over years and often go undetected, it is important to make sure you’re always examining your smile to ensure no diseases are present. This includes always looking for symptoms of gum disease.

Although gum disease can progress over the period of many years with no symptoms at all, there are many symptoms that gum disease that may be present. Thus, it is always important to inspect your teeth to notice if any irregularities or abnormalities have occurred. This includes looking for any signs of inflammation or swelling of your gums or noticing any indications of frequent bleeding while eating or brushing and flossing.

Gum disease can arise at any moment and can often be caused by numerous risk factors. However, if you notice that you’re suffering from bad breath routinely despite using treatments to help eradicate it, it could be linked to underlying conditions such as gum disease. In addition, if you always notice pus of sores on your gums and teeth, or experience painful sensations when chewing food, gum disease may be the cause.

Tooth recession often arises when gum disease is present. This occurs when your gums begin to pull away from your teeth. In addition, it is important to look for any signs of loose or separating teeth in situations where your gums recede and your teeth are out of position or begin to be extra moveable.

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